Local Farm, Local Eggs, Local Meats, Grass Fed Beef, Local Pork, Local Lamb

Local Beef Steaks per Pound / Pkg
Filet Mignon (2) $20.00/lb
Flank Steak 1 (2lb) $16/pkg
N.Y Strip (2) $18.00/lb
Porter House (1) $17.00/lb
Round Steak (1) $10.00/lb
Ribeye (2) $16.00/lb
Sirloin (1) $12.00/lb
Skirt 1 (2lb) $16.00/pkg
T-Bone (1) $15.00/lb
Local Beef Roasts (approx. 4lbs) per Pound / Pkg
Chuck Roast $20.00/pkg
Rump Roast $25.00/pkg
Tip Roast $30.00 /pkg
Short Ribs $10.00/pkg
Stew Meat $6.00/lb
Local Beef - Other per Pound / Pkg


Hamburger Patties (4/pkg) $6.00/lb
Soup Bones


Beef Toung,Beef Heart, Beef Tail $10.00/pkg
Beef Liver $5.00/pkg
Local Pork - Breakfast per Pound / Pkg
Sausage Bulk $7.00/lb
Sausage Patties $7.00/lb
Sausage Links $7.00/lb
Canadian Bacon $9.00/lb
Bacon $10.00/lb
Ham Steak $17.00/lb
Local Pork per Pound / Pkg
Ground Pork $7.00/lb
Country Pork Ribs $14.00/pkg
Pork Spare Ribs $18.00/pkg
Pork Chops (4) $15.00/pkg
Pork Tenderloin $18.00/lb
Ham $6.00/lb
Pork Roast $6.00/lb
Pork Ham Hocks $10.00/pkg

Local Grill Meats - Brats, Sausage, Hot Dogs... (4/pkg, 1lb)

per Pound / Pkg
Hot Dogs $7.00/pkg
Brats $8.00/pkg
Cheese Brats $8.00/pkg
Italian Sausage $8.00/pkg
Hot Italian Sausage $8.00/pkg
Cheesy Pizza Italian $10.00/pkg
Garlic Sausage $8.00/pkg
Brat Patties $8.00/pkg

Local Lamb Meat

per Pound / Pkg
Ground Lamb $8.00/lb
Lamb Steaks $12.00/lb
Lamb Shanks $10.00/lb
Lamb Shoulder Roasts $10.00/lb
Lamb Chops $16.00/lb
Lamb Legs $14.00/lb
How Commercial Grocery Store Chickens and other Poultry is and are Raised

Local Poultry - Chicken

per Pound / Pkg
Chicken Legs (4) $5.00/pkg
Chicken Thighs (4) $6.00/pkg
Chicken Wings $10.00/pkg
Chicken Breasts (2lbs) $8.00/pkg
Whole Chicken (5lbs) $16.00

Local Poultry - Turkey

per Pound / Pkg
Ground Turkey $7.00/lb
Turkey Brats (4) $8.00/lb

Local Poultry - Seasonal

per Pound / Pkg
Duck $7.00/lb
Goose $9.00/lb
Local Snack Stick per Pound / Pkg
SlimBobs $6.00/pkg
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